Daily ( basketball ) routine

    1.    Mentality - at least 15 mins
    2.    Functional fitness - at least 45 mins 
    3.    Fundamental skills - at least 45 mins

    1.    Find a quite space for you to have true focus on what’s going on in your life to date and how you NEED to be laser focused on making sure you have as much positive energy flowing through your body and around your environment as possible. 
    2.    Focus is on going through movement patterns ( full range of motion with most proper form ) to the best of your ability; repetitively. Focus is on lunge/squat from athletic stance. Suggesting: to make it make sense for basketball, have ball in hand as you do your exercises. 
    3.    Basketball is NOT just about shooting/scoring- the focus is on enhancing your dribble/ ball handling skills, working on learning how to track a shot to be first to the ball for rebounds or loose balls, learning how to pass either hand( on time and on target ), working on defending on/off ball, etc. 

In the realm of basketball training, conditioning and development, my passion has NOT changed but just altered. I’m available to go through video workouts whether group or private. Honestly, I NEED/WANT to do workouts at this time because there’s only so much vacuuming and bleaching you can do each day; there’s only so much watching NBA Hardwood Classics; there’s only so much CNN / local news you can watch and there’s only so much journaling, walking the dog, watching tv, being in social media, listening to music, etc   I need to DO what I do and for those that are ready, willing and available I am offering “virtual” training via FaceTime on a daily basis. Please contact me directly if  it makes sense. Otherwise, there’s plenty of content out there for at home workouts for free. What I am offering is NOT free but Covid19 discounted rates for per workout or monthly rates in full effect.  

Group training rate
$35 per player/workout

Private group rate
$50 per player/workout 

Individual training rate 
$60 per player\workout 

Monthly rate (unlimited workouts)
$300 per player/workout 

Workouts are 60-75mins in length and equipment needed (generally) :
Tennis ball (balled up socks) 
Enough space for lunges/squats 
Cones ( or small object to use ) 
Water bottle 
Fully charged phone  ( or at least 60%) 

I’m offering group training 2x daily ( am/pm), if interested please confirm via text. I will need the number to include for FaceTime group as well. Payments to be via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Cashapp.