Gary Harris, Jr.

"CT's training has been a huge part of my growth and development as a basketball player. He knows how to push and test my limits and help my confidence grow with my game. I recommend him to all my friends who play basketball and will work with CT until the ball stops bouncing for me."


Bryn Forbes

"Two weeks of working out with CT got me ready in my mindset and my body for the work it took to get to the NBA. He brought up the intensity of my workouts from college to NBA standards and helped me find my competitive edge."


Maya Moore

"Chris has helped lead my Academies over the past 4 years. His instincts and passion for the game, the athletes, and communication are key pieces to the impact that's left on my campers every year. He adds quality to any team he joins."

fred .png

Fred Van Vleet

"Training with CT was the first time I really became a pro. Not only physically, but mentally. Spending just about 5 weeks doing the training everyday prepared me for the NBA draft and summer league. I really feel like the training changed my life for the better. I didn't truly know work before working with CT."


Kellen Dunham

"Chris has always emphasized physical development with cardio and strength. But, what separates him from so many others is his focus on the mental side of the game, which is a lot of times the difference between winning and losing. You win with Chris Thomas."

Denzel Gregg

"Working with CT has helped me take my game to the next level. You won't find that level of intensity in skill training anywhere else. After spending time training with Chris you will feel like a completely new player."

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Michael Cobbins

"CT showed me that going hard is real work, but it's fun. It got me in better shape and increased my confidence. The intensity of the workout and the cardio was the biggest difference. Most things that we did, I had not seen until I got there - new workout techniques, eating habits, different mindsets and how to take care of my body - on and off the court."

Sinan Gular Unluobykilo

"Basketball uses a language that can create bridges across oceans. The first time I worked out with CT, I realized his approach is golden! He understands what the player needs to excel his/her own talents, plus he helps you add more perks to your arsenal. With workouts and helpful insights by him, I have become a more of a complete player who can help his team on both sides of the court."


Branden Dawson

"Working with CT gave me a better understanding of how to take care of my body, on and off the court. I would definitely recommend CT to any athlete who wants to become better in several aspects of his/her game. One aspect that stood out to me the most was that we didn't just work on basketball everyday - we did other things that helped me take my game to another level."

Ray Parks, Jr.

"CT's training has allowed me to be in the best shape of my life. It has taught me minor adjustments and techniques that are very critical in helping my game reach a whole new level. You get the best experience in training at an elite level and being surrounded by a trainer and other athletes who want to train hard."

Ana Owens

"After training with CT the past few months, he has taken my game to another level to help me get ready for my rookie season overseas. He not only focuses on the basketball aspect but also the mental, the way you take care of your body, health tips, and of course strength and conditioning. He has played a major role in perfecting several different areas of my game based on small details. I would recommend him to anyone willing to put in the work and perfect their craft!"

Zak Irvin

"CT has not only helped my growth physically but mentally as well. He is helping me become the best basketball player I can be. In the past two months, he has helped me tap into certain areas in my game that I didn't even know existed. I'm excited to continue to work with him and he is by far the best in the business!!"